Child Dedication

As a parent, there is perhaps no single decision more important or significant than dedicating your child(ren) back to God. So, what is child dedication?

First, child dedication is an act of worship. Throughout the Bible, we find this idea of giving God our “first-fruits” (our first and our best). When we give up something to God, we are worshipping, and when we give up something of great value, we are offering sacrificial worship. That's what happens when a parent dedicates their child(ren) to God. 

Secondly, child dedication is an act of faith on the part of the parent/guardian. Child dedication is the chance to recognize that children are a gift given to us by God, entrusted to our care. But our children don't belong to us; they belong to God. Child dedication is an opportunity for parents to publicly acknowledge God's rightful ownership of their children. Hannah did it (1 Samuel 1:24-28); Mary and Joseph did it (Luke 2:22). We invite you do to it as well!

If you are willing to accept the Biblical responsibility for your child’s spiritual well-being, and if you are wanting to dedicate your child and entrust them to God's care, then please consider being a part of our Child Dedication celebration here at GCC. Once you are ready to be a part of this great experience, go to our online registration center to sign up.

*We believe baptism should take place after one has made a personal choice to accept Jesus Christ as his or her Savior; therefore, this service is not infant baptism.