Welcome Back!

As we resume in-person services, it's time to re-calibrate!  

GCC has shown an attitude of Loving Others Well throughout the initial phases of the pandemic. 

Let’s continue this great way of loving as we are able to begin to meet again in person.

  • Sunday Morning Worship. - The Opening of GCC kids has been postponed. 
    • Worship will be 1 hour in length, GCC Kids will be opened with limited capacity (Lindsey will have a kids activity available for those who attend the service) Click this link to see GCC Kids reopening plan.
    • 2 Services
      • 9:30AM - In-Person Masks required
      • 11:15AM - Broadcast Service on GCCTV
      • If you are planning to attend the in-person service, registration is important!  You can register through the Church Center App or online through our registration page
      • GCC Kids must register!
      • Worship will also look different. Because singing can significantly increase the production/dissemination of droplets, extra precautions will be in place.

        • An approved face covering is required to be worn at all times, including during singing.

  • Modified Seating for Worship
    • Seating every other row, 3 open seats between non-family members
    • Hand sanitizer stations will be available
    • No-Contact Service, Physical distancing, not social distancing
      • No printed handout will be given out
      • A friendly hello and a squirt of hand sanitizer instead of a hug
      • Door Greeters will adhere to physical distancing requirements
      • BYOC - Bring your own coffee or favorite drink
      • To minimize grouping up indoors, we ask that you move outside (if you’d like), and continue to socialize with physical distancing.
  • Groups
    • Intersect Student Ministry will be starting back up. Contact Alicia Cross at, alicia@gracecrossingchurch.net
    • Connection Groups can meet online or in person

LIVE Broadcast

If you are not well, in an at-risk category, or just not ready to gather, you can continue to watch at home. Our Live Broadcast service will be held at 11:15AM. You can watch by going to GCCTV on YouTube.