Operation Christmas Child

We partner with Operation Christmas Child to expand our reach to children around the world. Operation Christmas Child gives individuals the opportunity to fill a shoe box with small Christmas gifts for needy children and share the good news of God’s love. 

Over 113 million shoebox gifts have been delivered to children in over 140 nations since 1993 and we're honored to join the effort. We'd love to see families, community groups, and individuals participate in fulfilling Micah 6:8 with this new opportunity to reach others outside our walls. Here's what you'll need to know:

Key Dates

Box distribution: October 1-20

Collection of shoeboxes at GCC: Oct 27     


Cost of an Average Shoebox 

From $25 to $30 for the items (most can be purchased at a dollar store and during back to school sales)  

Each box will cost $9.00 for shipping (if you can't or don't desire to fill a box, consider making a donation to cover the cost of shipping for others). 

For more info stop by the display table on Sunday or check out www.samaritanspurse.org. You can also contact our project leaders, Bobbi Hemphill or Beverly Pemberton, info@gracecrossingchurch.net

Local Compassion

According to Matthew 25:31-46 and James 1:27, the way we serve Jesus best is by caring for “the least of these.” We invite you to get involved in serving our community alongside any of these local organizations. The GCC point of contact is listed below each group.


Miami Valley Community Action Partnership (formerly Greene County Housing Program) - Homeless Families


Penny, 937.376.3111

International Friendships, Inc. - Ministering to international students at Wright State University


Gloria Jacob, 937.329.0012, 708.244.5675

True Relationships Marriage Ministry



Meals to Heal - GCC Ministry


Ashley Davis


Feed the Creek



Life Enrichment Center - Helps with poverty-stricken people



Oasis House - Helps free women from the sex industry



Serving Orphans

Michael’s House


Janel & Jerad Barnett, 937.320.9813

Global Compassion

We believe in extending God’s love beyond our immediate community. We want to leave God’s “love-print” throughout the world, and we don’t believe in recreating the wheel. That’s why we partner with these global organizations. 

Kings Castle


Kings Castle Ministries is committed to introducing Jesus to every child in Central America. Region: El Salvador

Hope International


Hope International brings hope to the Dominican people through free medical care and surgery to those in need. 

Region: Dominican Republic

Priority One


Priority One has been instrumental in the establishment of Bible training centers throughout Eastern Europe and Eurasia

Region: Africa

One Hope


One Hope is an international child evangelism ministry that distributes God’s Word to youth around the world. 

Region: Global